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Testimonials From
Our JPA Family

Kyla and Josiah have only just started with Jubilee but have both fallen in love with musical theatre and more in love with dance.  It’s been a joy to pick them up from dance with beaming smiles, knowing they were loved on, grew in their abilities , and were challenged.  They both feel like they have found a dance home here.  - Carly, JPA Parent


My nine-year-old daughter has been dancing with Jubilee Performing Arts, since she was four years old. She has taken several ballet and musical theater classes over the years. My six-year-old daughter joined her a couple years ago at the studio. They both performed in the summer 2023 musical revue production. Dancing, singing and acting has been a big focus in their lives so far. They absolutely love it! This dance community has been very influential in the physical, emotional and spiritual formation of both my daughters lives. The teachers are authentic, encouraging and supportive as they strive for mastery of proper dance and singing techniques. The other kids and teens at the studio are lovely and they have strong connections with my girls. All of their interactions are uplifting, accepting and kind. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants their son or daughter to grow in the performing arts and also be part of a thriving community.


- Genevieve, JPA Parent

"There is nothing like Jubilee in NOVA.  The way the students treat one another with supportive and caring attitudes is a direct reflection of the ministry that the teachers provide.  Not only is Jubilee thriving in teaching technique, but also in character.  Jubilee shines!" - Autumn, JPA Parent

"Jubilee feels like a second
home to me.  
It's my happy place." - JPA Student

We are so grateful that our daughters are able to grow in their love of dance, in a studio that also praises their love for Jesus. What a beautiful gift for them to be able to pray with their teachers and classmates before performing, as well as celebrate God’s grace on stage! The music and costumes are tasteful and age appropriate and the instructors truly care about the children. We love seeing our girls grow up in a dance environment whose primary focus is combining a love for the Lord with a love of dancing and performing, rather than training for competitions. What a gift Jubilee Performing Arts is to our family!


The Burger family


We are very happy and extremely grateful to be a part of this dance and theatre community. We have found a great group of Christian families within the Jubilee community that have made us feel totally at home, and has provided a safe, faith-filled environment in which to develop dance and performance skills in our girls. This group of people has taken us in and provided solid, loving friendships to my children and to us. We enjoy our time spent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with these wonderful people. If it wasn't for Jubilee, we would not have our children in dance or theatre because of the lack of modesty and Christian values present in so many studios. Jubilee is so very different and so very wonderful. Our kids are known in a meaningful way. Their names were known by the first day of their participating, and they have felt comfortable enough with each of their teachers to develop in ways I could not have foreseen or ever expected--and this is coming from kids who have quite a bit of performance anxiety! Our young kids also have friendships with kids much older than them, which is so lovely. Watching these otherwise unlikely interactions happen and these relationships develop has been a great joy to us. Our children have so many great role models within the CPC and dance community. Our kids literally talk about how they will be bringing their children to Jubilee when they are parents! God bless Miss Caroline, Miss Nicole, Miss Julie, Miss Emily and Miss Jojo for their loving patience and generosity in sharing their knowledge and love with our children and all the children at Jubilee! I don't know what we would do without this wonderful group.



Blaise and Matt Farina

"Every teacher at JPA is kind, welcoming and talented.  You can tell they love to teach."
- JPA Student

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