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Summer Camps, Classes & Workshops


Summer Workshops

All workshops and camps run with 3+ enrollments.  Spots fill up quickly!  Register today!

JPA Summer Registration

An individual registration form must be submitted for each student attending a summer program.


Once this form is submitted you will receive an invoice with your total for your family. If you have multiple children attending and are filling out more than one form, please be sure to indicate that in the appropriate field below.

Please choose or write in the appropriate options under "Workshops," "Camps," and "Classes" categories. 


Enrollment is finalized when payment is submitted.

Thank you! 


Summer Workshops (select all)


Summer Camps (select all)

I acknowledge and consent to allow Jubilee Performing Arts to use: photos and/or videos of my child/myself in publications (such as flyers/brochures), advertisements (such as newspapers or online ads), our studio's website, or on social media sites (such as the studio's facebook or instagram account). 

Please click here to read JPA's policies.I have read and agree to the policies and procedures of Jubilee Performing Arts. 

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Thank you for submitting your registration information!

Summer Camps 2024
All workshops and camps run with 3+ enrollments.  Spots fill up quickly.  Register today!

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